This Twitter Account Dedicated Solely To The WWE And Subway Sandwiches Is As Awesome As It Is Random

Randy Savage WWE Subway tweets

Earlier today I stumbled upon a Twitter account that was birthed through a deep love for professional wrestling and … Subway sandwiches? Yeah, that’s what it looks like. And I gotta be honest here: It is god damn glorious.

While I’ve never liked one thing made inside any of the 67 billion Subway sandwich locations — the distinct, consistent smell at each location is enough to make any normal human dry-heave — the devotion to the food chain and the WWE that’s on display here is pretty remarkable.

Seriously, using classic wresting GIFs to convey one’s passion for whatever the hell that passion might be is a truly wonderful thing. Here’s a few samplings of the gold.

A Paul Bearer sighting! Magical.

Man, the WWE could sure use Shane McMahon back in the mix. In fact, it should be illegal for any McMahon to not work for the company.

This is easily the best one to date. Amazing.

This is almost EXACTLY how I feel every time I ride the subway in Manhattan.

The acting clinic here is absolutely out of sight.

Justice, SERVED.

The only time I’ve ever sprinted like this was to make it back home in time to watch the Breaking Bad finale.

I’m sure Brock Lesnar does far worse things to people when someone’s fucking with his chowing time. Nonetheless, point made.

This beautiful artistry is the perfect way to close things out. Would love to know who Andre was so fearful of here because the concern is genuine and REAL. I don’t think we’ve ever witnessed such a reeling Andre the Giant.

I’ve said to before and I’ll say it again: Creations like this Twitter account are exactly why we Internet.

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