Idiots On Twitter Went Ballistic On The WRONG Brandon Marshall For Kneeling During The National Anthem

As you probably have heard by now, if you didn’t see it as it happened, Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall joined Colin Kaepernick’s cause and took a knee during the national anthem Thursday night.

Naturally, because people are people, this caused outrage from several corners of the country, and especially on Twitter. (Not to mention those morons who actually cheered when the Broncos’ Marshall was injured during the game.)

Unfortunately for Brandon Marshall of the New York Jets, many of the mouth-breathers who decided to go HAM on Twitter couldn’t tell the difference between him and the Brandon Marshall who actually took a knee Thursday night.

I guess the fact that his avatar is a bunch of Jets jerseys never connected in their brains.

So, one can imagine the Jets’ Marshall’s surprise when his Twitter feed blew up with mentions like these…