Two Soccer Players Score A Rare ‘Double Overhead Kick’ By Flipping Upside Down And Kicking The Ball At The Same Time

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Calling this Double Overhead Kick ‘rare’ seems a bit silly because I cannot think of a time that this has ever happened. I’m sure it has at some point in history but whether or not it’s happened in a professional setting and caught on camera is a different story.

The overhead kick goal is a glorious sight to behold in the game of soccer. It’s when the player flips upside down and kicks the ball while they’re inverted. Fans go nuts for these because it requires precision timing and body control.

In this instance, two dudes pulled it off AT THE SAME TIME and the teammates sent the ball flying into the back of the net. If I was that goalie I’d probably have been stuck in place with my jaw on the ground for all of eternity, left in complete disbelief at what just went down.

Nailed it:

Kitsada Hemvipat and Leandro Assumpcao are the two teammates here, they play on Nakhon Ratchasima FC, and even if this is the only time in history that you ever read those names this is a goal worth memorializing because it’s truly spectacular.

Unfortunately, according to Business Insider, Nakhon Ratchasima FC went on to lose the game 2-3 to Buriram United despite netting one of the most spectacular goals ever filmed.

Based on the game recap from SofaScore, it appears as if Kitsada Hemvipat was credited with scoring the goal despite the goal clearly being shared across two players. Personally, I think they should’ve each been credited with a goal and an assist because this was a next level effort.

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