A Year Ago This Badass Kid Bought His First House With His Own Earnings…Oh Yeah, He’s 9

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Tyler Ford is just your typical 9-year-old, if your typical 9-year-old has already bought his own house and is a four-time world kickboxing champion, that is.

Oh yeah, he has also already been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, the youngest person ever, and has yet to lose any of his fights.

Completely typical.

Reports Wales Online

Tyler, of Grovesend, near Swansea, is not only a multiple British and European champion but is also about to become a big screen star after catching the attention of Hollywood bigwigs.

Pontybrenin Primary School pupil Tyler has been fighting since 2015 after giving up a promising career in football and such has been his level of success, he was able to put his money towards the purchase of his first property aged just eight.

He recently became the youngest person ever to be inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of fame and has yet to lose any fights thus far in his career, having recently won the Dutch and German Open competitions.

He is also a multiple gold medalist at the World Martial Arts games.

“He trains like a professional fighter and training is paying for Tyler,” says his dad Anthony Ford a former world boxing champion. “Tyler’s fighting career has proved to be a huge success for him so much so that he owns his own house in Morriston which he rents out.”

Did you notice the part where they mentioned Tyler has also caught the eye of Hollywood.

“I was at an event watching Tyler fight and American film director Tom Delmar, who has been involved in films such as Star Wars and Trainspotting, came up to me and asked me if I was his dad,” explained Mr Ford.

“When I replied that I was he said that he had never seen a fighter like that before and that he wanted to sign him up for his new movie straight away.

“His first movie is going to be called The Yin & Yang and The Treasure and he is so excited to be in it.”

So… what have you accomplished today?


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