Tyler Herro Needed Just Three Letters To Attract The Attention Of IG Model Katya Elise Henry

Will Newton/Getty Images

If only I had developed my left hand and a mid-range and my parents didn’t pass me down Best Buy Geek Squad genes, I could be in Tyler Herro’s position in life right now.

The Kentucky standout, a self-proclaimed “bucket,” has exceeded all expectations as the 13th overall pick and is living up to his nickname of Boy Wonder.

Being a rising star single dude in his 20s in Miami has more perks than my average ass can wrap his average brain around. But to demonstrate how easy it is for a guy like Herro to attract the interest of a woman who many of us would leave our current lives behind for, take the following tweet to Instagram/fitness model Katya Elise Henry.

Pictured here.

He didn’t even bother to spell it out. No question mark. No introduction.

This tweet is the equivalent of asking a woman to make you a sandwich.

And somehow it worked.

Herro used three letters to catch Katya’s eye, and guys in her Instagram comments are posting up in a tree outside her bedroom window just praying for eye contact.

I’d say 10 is an adequate assessment.

Katya wanted me to swing through, but I denied. Social distancing is nothing to mess with. Tyler deserves a league fine for this recklessness.

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