Tyler Lockett Reveals Ridiculous Scheduling For Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett

Getty Image / Michael Owens

While football fans have to wait until later tonight for the NFL’s schedule to be officially released, they have already learned of plenty of important pieces of the upcoming season.

A couple of Christmas Day games have already been announced.

They know the international game schedule.

We learned today that the Chiefs will open the season against the Lions.

If those fans can’t wait around 4 more hours to learn what their team’s full schedule will look like for the 2023 season, there have also been plenty of leaks online.

However, there aren’t many of those leaks that have come from players currently on an NFL roster.

Today, one player leaked a detail about his team’s schedule that is sure to upset plenty of fans.

According to Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett, the team is going to be playing back to back Thursday night games at some point this season as part of a stretch where they will play 3 games in 12 days.

The NFL changed their scheduling rules this year to make it possible for teams to play multiple Thursday night games throughout the season.

That was an unfortunate side effect of their decision to not guarantee every team in the league a Thursday game.

Players were already going to be upset enough about the possibility of having to play twice on Thursdays, but this is just ridiculous.

The one positive that comes from the short week that accompanies a Thursday night game is that teams get extra time to rest ahead of the following game. The Seahawks won’t even be getting that.

This is a pretty horrible move from the league and it’s one that you would thin could have been pretty easy to avoid.

Hopefully they at least had enough sense to give the Seattle Seahawks a bye week after this awful part of their schedule.