*HeArT ThRoB* Tyler Seguin Made Some Chick Drown In A Puddle Of Her Own Tears On Her 16th Birthday

by 3 years ago

Ahh to be Tyler Seguin. 23 years old, studly looking, Stanley Cup champion, riding a 6-year/$34 million contract, probably pulling DiCaprio level chicks, and melting middle school girls into a puddle of their own tears over a simple gesture. A DiCaprio/Bieber/Gretzky hybrid. Diabolical. Oh, and he would go on to net a hat trick against his old squad, the Boston Bruins.

Seguin’s reaction when he saw the girl’s reaction was priceless.



Never forget.

I’m sure you were the only two sweetheart. That night.

[h/t FTW]

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