Tyrann Mathieu’s Incredible Pre-Game Super Bowl Speech Slaps Harder Because He’s Battled And Conquered His Entire Life

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tyrann Mathieu, by every metric outside of God Given Ability, should not be a Super Bowl champion.

  • Abandoned by his mother at birth.
  • Biological father jailed for murder for most of his life.
  • Uncle Keith “murdered in the street while holding his baby son in his hands.”
  • Uncle Donell dead of AIDS from “dirty needles.”
  • Uncle Andre murdered in an argument.
  • Aunt Trina “died on Thanksgiving, when some jackass ran a red light.”
  • Family homeless after hurricane Katrina.
  • Kicked off the team at LSU for a season for innocuous weed violation.

It’s nearly impossible for me and my muffin top to try feel how fulfilling winning a Super Bowl would be, but I’d have to imagine it’s a bit sweeter for the Honey Badger knowing the journey was arduous and dark and deep.

“I’m a warrior,” Mathieu said in a 2016 interview how he was able to survive a life of carnage. “I’ve lived through a lot — and it couldn’t kill me.”

Before the biggest game of his life, Mathieu gathered his men and delivered a pre-war speech that is best delivered by someone who knows a thing or two about battling and conquering and repeating.

Just hours after his team scored 21 unanswered points to win his first Super Bowl, Mathieu wasn’t thinking about his next drink or sexual intercourse with a consenting female, he was thinking about a man inside the Hunts Correctional Facility in St. Gabriel, Louisiana who will never be free again.

Sometimes respect is a choice, and sometimes it’s demanded.

Super Bowl Champion Tyranna Mathieu.

TL;DR Stay The Course.