You Need Joy In Your Life, And That Can Come From A Tyrannosaurus Rex Crushing The American Ninja Warrior Course

Hey, there’s a lot of awful in the world. Unfortunately, there always is going to be a lot of awful in the world. That’s just sort of the perma-state of humankind on Earth. Been that way for thousands of years, will be that way for thousands more.

Fuck, that ain’t depressing at all.

But a Tyrannasaurus Rex taking on the America Ninja Warrior course is a brief escape from this blight.

A ray of joy, sorely needed. Look how far that dinosaur makes it. It is a very good dinosaur, and a ninja dinosaur to boot.

The world, frankly, would be a much better place if everyone had to wear these costumes all the time.

Don’t tell me I’m wrong. I’m not wrong.

And if you wanna see this same T-Rex (maybe?) training for this eventual run, watch here.

[Via Sploid]

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