Tyreek Hill Admits To Bizarre Bathroom Habit With Teammate, Leaves Fans Confused

Tyreek Hill talks during press conference

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Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill may have shared too much information on Twitter about his bathroom habits.

On Friday, Hill retweeted a video of Channing Crowder openly talking about how he likes to hold conversations with other men while at public bathroom urinals.

“I talk to a n— in the bathroom. I do it all the time…

I don’t want to look at your s—. But just to look at a man next to me and be like ‘Bro, how you doing? You OK?’ I want to see what you’re about. I just want to see what you’re about.

If you can have a conversation with me holding your d— and I’m holding my d—- and we can look at each other in the eyes and talk, that means that you’re an alpha male. That means you’re a lion.

When was the last time you saw four of five male lions sitting around in the same area? It doesn’t happen because they have territories. The thing that makes this s— run is you have an alpha male—you have a lion that can sit and talk to another lion and just be comfortable with it.”

Hill went on to openly admit that he and his former teammate Mecole Hardman would have conversations with each other at public urinals.

Fans were confused by Hill’s admission.

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