U.S. Soccer Hype Video Makes It Pretty Clear We’re Ghana Win

If you’ve been in solitary confinement for the past several months, there’s a chance you’re unaware the United States Men’s National Team kicks off World Cup play against Ghana later today. If that’s the case, we can’t help but feel a little sympathetic. Not too sympathetic, though, since you shouldn’t have done the crime if you weren’t willing to do the time.

The team has released a hype video to commemorate the occasion and you will feel the excitement pulsate through your nether regions.

Before viewing this, I wasn’t too keen on our chances against Ghana. They seem to have our number and it seems like the United States is due to lay a World Cup egg after several consecutive overachieving performances.

After viewing, on the other hand, I’m pretty set to book non-refundable tickets to the Final next month.