Someone Got A Building AT UCF Evacuated By Doing The LeBron James Powder Toss In A Lecture

lebron james powder toss

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Basically every athlete out there has some sort of pregame routine they take part in to get into the right mentality before competing. If you’re Bryce Harper, you spent 30 minutes working on a head of hair that will be covered by a hat the entire game, and if you’re certain members of the 2007 Washington Redskins squad, you ripped shots of Hennessey before taking the field.

Earlier in his career, LeBron James made a habit out of going to the scorer’s table and tossing a handful of powder in the air before tipoff, which even his biggest haters have to admit is kind of a dope ritual. It might look cool on a basketball court, but based on the reaction to someone’s copycat attempt at the University of Central Florida on Wednesday, it might be best to avoid replicating it in other public areas. 

According to Larry Brown Sports, someone stood up in the middle of a lecture and tossed a white cloud into the air before proclaiming “I’m taking my talents elsewhere. I’m going to Miami!” As you may know, there is a bit of a stigma associated with unidentified white powders, whether we’re talking those found inside a tiny bag hidden in the sock of a suspect on Cops or an envelope containing a note written with letters cut out of a magazine.

As a result, UCF police immediately evacuated the building and posted a description of the suspect on Twitter accompanied by a picture of exactly what you’d expect him to be wearing.

The suspect— who wasn’t believed to be a student— managed to flee the campus before he could be tracked down. Police later confirmed the substance was baby powder and apologized to James for clogging up his mentions.

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