The Worst RA in the World Is This UConn RA Who Told Kids Not to Watch Tonight’s Game in His Building

Man, Derek. Fuck Derek. Why, you ask? (That’s not Derek above by the way. That’s UConn coach Kevin Ollie. His team is playing in the NCAA Championship game tonight.)

Derek, though, is the RA who sent this email to the students on his floor at Connecticut. No word on the veracity of it, just that it’s floating around social media so it must be true.

Hey everyone,

Please go to Gampel or somewhere else to watch the game. Midnight quiet hours still apply here, so responsibly go nuts elsewhere. I’m on duty tonight and it’s going to be stressful, so please don’t push it on our floor. There are going to be a lot of RA’s and police around North, if I wasn’t an RA I would personally stay away from here tonight.

In the end, remember that the only reason you care about the game is:

a.) because they’re wearing a UConn uniform
b.) you want an excuse to go wild

If it’s the first one, you’re cheering for laundry. Get excited if you want, but it’s nothing worth getting in trouble for. If it’s the second one, be as far away from me as possible tonight. I will not appreciate being disrespected over the outcome of a basketball game. I’ve done all I can to respect you and your privacy since August, please reciprocate this respect and be civil on our floor.

While you might get caught up in tonight, please remember that the night will eventually end. And no matter what the basketball team does, I’m still going to be your RA for another monther.

So have fun, but not too much fun.


I guess he’s got some points, but who the fuck sends this the day of a National Championship game? That’s just fucking asking for his room to get trashed, win or lose.

[Via @ReddusFoximus, Kevin Ollie via USA Today]