No, UFC 257 Has Not Been Canceled Despite What Google Search Says

Conor McGregor UFC 257 PPV ESPN+

Dan Shapiro for BroBible

Just hours before the start of UFC’s biggest card of the year there were rumblings on the Internet that UFC 257 had been canceled after people searched “UFC 257′ on google’s search box and the result highlighted that the event had been canceled.

Confused users were not sure what to believe despite the fact that the UFC hadn’t made an announcement.

The event is clearly not canceled as the official UFC account has been promoting the fight all day, and there have been no reports from the media at Abu Dhabi covering the event.

Update: The prelims have started and for those looking to purchase the event can use the link below.

ONLY ON ESPN+: UFC 257 – Saturday 1/23/20 10:00 PM/ET