NBA Fans Accuse UFC’s Colby Covington Of Secretly Being A Fan Of LeBron James After Digging Up Old Tweet Of Him Praising LeBron

by 2 months ago

UFC’s Colby Covington has been blasting LeBron James on social media for the past week but it turns out that he might have actually rooted for LeBron at one point in time.

After UFC Vegas 11 on Saturday, Covington called out “woke athletes” like LeBron during his postfight interview.

I want to dedicate this fight to all the first responders and all the military out there, this world would not be safe without you, and not these woke athletes I’m sick of spineless cowards like Lebron James

Covington went on troll LeBron by bringing up an old rumor about LeBron’s former teammate Delonte West having an affair with his mother Gloria James.

Despite all the recent hate, Covington seemed to have been a fan of LeBron while he was in Cleveland.

The Internet thought it was funny that Covington once rooted for LeBron after everything he’s said about him in recent weeks.

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