UFC’s Colby Covington Tells The ‘Woke Mob’ They Can’t Cancel Him After He Received Backlash For Calling Black Lives Matter A ‘Sham’

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UFC’s Colby Covington isn’t backing down after making several controversial comments following UFC Vegas 11.

Last week, Covington went on a tirade against the Black Lives Matter movement during his postfight press conference.

Covington went on to ask Nigerian UFC champion Kamaru Usman if he got a call from his “little tribe” using “smoke signals.”

Despite receiving plenty of backlash for his comments, UFC President Dana White said the organization would not censor Covington.

On Friday, Covington took to Instagram to mock the “woke mob” for trying to cancel him.

Nice try woke mob, but you can’t cancel Colby Covington Inc!!! 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸 I speak for the Silent Majority and I’ll never back down. Have a problem snowflakes? Direct your complaints to the comment section below

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