Ex-UFC Star Pearl Gonzalez Black Crop-Top And Jeans Pic Goes Viral

Pearl Gonzalez

Jeff Bottari/Getty Image

Pearl Gonzalez, the former UFC warrior, who left the octagon with a record that could be described as “two steps forward, two steps back,” has discovered a new arena to conquer: the world of social media.

Gonzalez, known for her fighting spirit and an uncanny ability to make opponents rethink their career choices, has transitioned from cage battles to catching the attention of the world from the comfort of her keyboard.

With a following that boasts over 300,000, she’s basically achieved the social media equivalent of a knockout.

In a recent tweet, Gonzalez unleashed a photo that had the internet’s eyebrows raising faster than you can say “rear-naked choke.”

Clad in a black crop-top and jeans, she managed to prove that she’s not just about delivering body blows but also about causing digital jaws to drop.

The tweet quickly racked up over 10,000 views.

But that’s not the only time Gonzalez has shaken up the digital realm.

The 4th of July saw her shedding her USA-style bikini like a snake shedding its skin, taking a dive into the pool for some celebratory skinny dipping. Now that’s a new way to honor the stars and stripes, am I right?

And let’s not forget her recent brush with mini-virality when she showcased her tight blue sportswear during a workout.

Also, in a recent IG post, Gonzalez displayed her workout progress in a revealing sportswear.

It’s like the internet just can’t get enough of Gonzalez’s fashionable escapades. Who needs fashion runways when you can strut your stuff while delivering knockout punches?