UFC’s Derrick Lewis Reportedly Caught Car Thief Trying To Break Into His Car And Knocked Him Out

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  • Car thief gets arrested for breaking into UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis’ car in Houston
  • Lewis claims he noticed the man breaking into his SUV and knocked him out
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A car thief in Houston chose the wrong car to break into today.

On Tuesday, Derrick Lewis, the UFC heavyweight contender who shares the record for most knockouts in UFC history, revealed on Instagram that he was forced to stop a man from breaking into his car and things didn’t end well for the car thief.

Lewis shared a video on his Instagram page shows Houston police arresting a man with his head wrapped in bandages and placing him in the back of a squad car. Lewis could then be heard saying “motherf*cker tried to break into my sh*t.”

Lewis spoke to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani and says he knocked out the man who tried to break into his car.

Here’s an image Lewis uploaded of his fist implying that he punched the car thief.

Lewis is currently the second-ranked UFC heavyweight and is in line to fight champion Francis Ngannou