Ukrainian Soccer Player Saves His Opponent’s Life with Quick Thinking

A good way to tell that something unbelievable has happened in sports is if you watch three minutes of a Ukrainian soccer match. But here we are: In a recent game against Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, Oleh Husyev of Kiev’s soccer club was knocked unconscious after accidentally taking a knee to the head from the goalkeeper. In the video, you see Husyey immediately crumble to the ground.

Immediately, opposing player Jaba Kankava blazes a trail over to Husyev and sticks his fingers down his throat, clearing the airway. Somehow Jaba knew that Husyey had swallowed his tongue.

The video is terrifying stuff—not in the least because Kankava may be a time traveler, or at least a clairvoyant—and kudos to Kankava for reacting so quickly. Husyey suffered a concussion, jaw bruise, and damage to three teeth, but he’s expected to fully recover.

[H/T: BI Sports]