UNC Football Player’s Crazy Idea To Get More Fans In The Stands Might Actually Work

The University of North Carolina is, and, presumably, always will be a men’s basketball school.

With names like Michael Jordan, James Worthy and Vince Carter, among others, it’s no wonder that Tar Heels hoops fans will fight to the death in defense of their school being the best program to ever lace ’em up on the hardwood.

When it comes to football, though, well, that’s a bit of a sour subject in Chapel Hill, as the team has never won a national title and are constantly hoping people come out clad in baby blue and white to support the squad each Saturday—and current players are beginning to notice BIG TIME.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsAfter a photo was posted this past Saturday on CarolinaBlue247’s twitter account showing how few people were in the stands, star Tar Heel wide receiver Bug Howard suggested something that might actually help boost attendance—a men’s basketball pick-up game at halftime.


Sure, this sounds absolutely insane and would, probably, never happen, but, I mean, there could be WORSE things that a college kid could think of in order to fill empty seats—like kegs for everyone who comes or a contest to spend the day with Michael Jordan.

While Howard’s tweet was just a light-hearted joke, maybe it’s something the school should actually look into—because fans appear to be counting down the days till men’s hoops season starts, so the football team might as well give them an appetizer during their games.

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