UNC Schedules Board Of Trustees Meeting Over Tez Walker, Looks Ready To Take On NCAA

Mack Brown

Getty Image / Grant Halverson

After the NCAA’s denial of eligibility for UNC transfer Tez Walker, and the denial of the subsequent appeal last Thursday, many thought that this was the end of the road for the wide receiver’s chances to play this year. But, that’s not what happening, as the UNC Board of Trustees has scheduled meeting on Monday to discuss next steps when it comes to Tez Walker.

Inside Carolina was the first to report the news.

The crux of the issue is new NCAA guidance issued in January around players who have transferred twice as undergraduates. The first transfer as an undergraduate is free, with players having to appeal for immediate eligibility on the second transfer. During and right after the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCAA was pretty lenient on these types of transfers.

Walker had spent a year at North Carolina Central which was close to home to help care for his grandmother, but the team did not have games due to the COVID pandemic. He went to Kent State, and had nearly 1000 yards receiving last year while adding 11 touchdowns, before committing to UNC. He sighted mental health reasons due to being away from home as a reason why his transfer request should be approved. Obviously, it was not.

What does this meeting mean? No one can say for sure what action will be taken. But, generally, how these things work is that the action they’re going to take has been discussed behind the scenes.

Some speculate that Tez Walker will need to technically sue UNC along with the NCAA, as UNC is also preventing him from playing. All the NCAA can do is strip the wins after the fact. UNC wouldn’t contest that lawsuit, obviously,

Or, UNC could be joiniing Tez Walker in a lawsuit against the NCAA.

OR, they have inside knowledge that Walker is going to file suit and likely get a preliminary injunction allowing him to play, and they need to discuss how to proceed.

The meeting is at 5PM, so we will find out then.