Under Armour’s CEO Praised Donald Trump And Steph Curry Proceeded To Dump All Over That Praise


Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Under Armour’s CEO, Kevin Plank, told CNN that Donald Trump was a ‘real asset’ for U.S. companies. As most readers of this site know, Steph Curry is one of Under Armour’s biggest athlete endorsements. Curry is currently under a $4 million per year contract with the company that runs until 2024. That is a long time and why it is peculiar that Curry spoke out publicly against Plank’s praise of Trump.

When The Mercury News asked Curry what he thought of Plank’s quote, he said, ‘I agree with that description – if you remove the “et” from asset.’

On one hand, I admire Curry for not giving a single fuck about the money and speaking his mind. On the other hand, $28 million dollars, bro. Maybe just stew silently for a while? Or, and here is a wild fucking idea, keep your beef in-house and try to hear Plank’s side of the story before talking shit to the media.

According to The Mercury News, Curry reached out to Under Armour to get some clarity on Plank’s statements and to try and smooth things over with the brand.

“I spent all day yesterday on the phone,” Curry said, “with countless people at Under Armour, countless people in Kevin Plank’s camp, my team, trying to understand what was going on and where everybody stood on the issue. Based off the release that KP sent out this morning, and what he told me last night, that’s the Under Armour that I know. That’s the brand I know he’s built and one that, as of Wednesday afternoon, is something that I’m standing on.”

Plank explained his stance to Curry on Tuesday, how his comments were meant exclusively from a business perspective. He distanced himself from Trump’s controversial policies and comments that have enraged women, Muslims, Mexicans, African-Americans and the impoverished across the nation.

It’s good to see that these two sides have made up, but I still think it is kind of ridiculous that it had to be aired out in public. Why didn’t Steph pick up the phone and be like, “Hey Kev, what the fuck, brah?” before talking to the media?

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