The UnderBelly Podcast, Episode 6: The New Orleans Saints’ Man Behind The Man And Violence In The NFL

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In 1998, I was working in New York as a consultant and would regularly shoot-the-breeze with an administrative assistant who I founded endlessly entertaining. She was unbalanced, to say the least, and our conversations tended to be, well, colorful with many-an-F-bomb dropped. One day I let my guard down and used an extremely unpleasant and inappropriate expletive to describe another administrative assistant, and a day later I lost my job.

I was 27 at the time but it leads me to an important question: Does a 22 or 23-year-old man who makes a terrible mistake that involves some level of violence deserve a to have a job again, or be banished from their desired profession?

In the wake of the Washington Redskins signing of Reuben Foster following his arrest for domestic violence and the Kansas City Chiefs dispatching of Kareem Hunt when video surfaced of him physically assaulting a young woman – all while Colin Kaepernick cannot get a job for simply kneeling in support of his beliefs – former NFL quarterback Jamie Martin and I discuss the subject in great depth (2:00 and 13:20) on the most recent episode of The UnderBelly Sports Podcast.

In a jam-packed show we also speak with the man behind the most accurate quarterback in NFL history – New Orleans Saints QB coach Joe Lombardi (31:10) – plus we are paid a visit by legendary high school basketball coach Murray Ross in his new “You Gotta Be Nasty” segment (56:06).

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We also delve into the greatness and challenges faced by the Golden State Warriors (7:20), receive our regular pop culture lesson from pop queen Jamie Pesek who updates us about social media influencers who might be fraudulently shilling the benefits products (48:45), field listener questions about dog show coverage that evolves into a conversation about dogs faces while defecating (22:40), I bitch about the Cowboys lack of consistency (1:05:45) and much more in a lively show taped in front of a live, all-nude studio audience.

Listen up, The UnderBelly brings it strong this week!

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