The Underbelly Sports Podcast, Episode 9: Upper Deckers And NHL Talk With Super Agent Al Roy

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The upper decker. We all understand what it is and perhaps know some knucklehead who has deftly delivered a high quality upper decker to an unsuspecting friend or foe. But when sports teams remove upper decks from their stadiums, well then, you have problems. Which brings us to the Tampa Bay Rays who recently decided they will remove upper deck seating in the worthless Tropicana Field in order to create a more cozy environment for Rays baseball. Oh joy.

On The Underbelly Sports Podcast Episode 9, former NFL quarterback Jamie Martin and I discuss this upper deck foul play (2:00), and for the first time in the show’s history dive head-first into hockey as we welcome hockey super agent Allain Roy (35:00) for a lively conversation about the league’s youth movement, how the agent game has changed, and the best hockey movies ever.

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We also compare college QBs Tua vs. Trevor (20:45), examine the complexities of the NFL coaching carousel (9:40), answer your worthless questions including a debate as to whether Zion Williamson is the next LeBron James or Blake Griffin (25:25), and hear from Pop Queen Jamie Pesek about big anniversaries for The Sopranos and Britney Spears (49:40).

So hold on for a semi-solid yet totally underwhelming ride!

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