The Undertaker Lost at Wrestlemania Last Night and Everyone Went INSANE


They say wrestling isn’t technically real, but what do you call what happened last night? After winning 21 consecutive Wrestlemania matches, the Undertaker was defeated by Brock Lesnar and fans at the Superdome lost their minds.

This man is rubbing his face:


And these guys look like they’ve just seen Chyna:


Womp womp.


Like in previous years, the Undertaker’s streak seemed unstoppable. The lengthy pay-per-view match—which is easily available online, but no, you’ll have to find it on your own—showed an undead beast who, at age 49, still looked as intimidating as in his first 21 Wrestlemania matches. He kicked out of several Lesnar finishing moves and stayed aggressive as the match dragged on..

But he never was able to hit a Tombstone, and Lesnar ultimately finished him off with an F-5. Boom. Streak over. Wrestling is real.

It was maybe inevitable the night would end strangely: The event started with consummate entertainer Hulk Hogan thinking he was in Detroit. (I just linked to a tweet from Curren$y like it was a news story, by the way.)

It’s okay to feel like your childhood has been destroyed. To help ease the Monday blues, Nick Schwartz of USA Today FTW put together this lovely memorial GIF of the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania appearances. RIP man who was technically not dead.


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