New Photo Reveals The Undertaker Literally Looks Like Death Now

I love The Undertaker for many reasons. Fine, they shall be listed.

First, a character of a wrestling dead man/mortician should have been scrapped in the junk idea pile along with Doink the Clown, Duke The Dumpster and all of the other campy WWE characters in the days before the Attitude Era. It wasn’t. Thank god. The Undertaker survived the late 90s, the Attitude Era, and all the other phases of transition in the WWE because Mark William Calaway lived and breathed the character. He adapted, he survived, he became an American Badass, a Lord of Darkness, a leader of a Ministry, Big Evil and three decades later every wrestling fan will pop the minute Graveyard Symphony hits. Even if the lights accidentally went out at a live show, people would lose their shit thinking The Undertaker was making a surprise appearance.

The other reason my admiration for The Undertaker runs so deep is because of his influence behind the scenes. He’s beloved by the “boys in the back.” I listen to a ton of wrestling podcasts, watch way too many shoots on YouTube, and have read more than my share of wrestling biographies and I can’t think of one wrestler with a negative thing to say about Calaway in and out of the ring. He was a backstage leader who always, ALWAYS, put the company first.

Ok, verbal felating done, now down to the meat and bones of this article. Is the Undertaker alright? Seriously.

A recent photo posted by his wife Michelle McCool to Instagram has me a little more than nervous about Taker’s overall health. He’s approaching 50, and his body has seen more than a couple million miles in the ring, but the man looks gaunt and, to be blunt and punny, like a literal dead man.

I know he doesn’t do many (or any really) interviews but I’d love to talk to the guy. Just to make sure he’s alright. It feels like we lose a wrestler a week and The Undertaker taking a last ride to the big wrestling ring in the sky would officially end my childhood. That can’t happen.

This is an open invitation. Mark, I want to talk, please get in touch.