The Undertaker Will Be Involved In Wrestlemania And Here’s The Proof

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The Undertaker Wrestlemania


The Royal Rumble is the annual kickoff to the Road To Wrestlemania. The past few years, the Rumble has served as the kickoff to the “will The Undertaker appear at Wrestlemania” rumors. Especially after last year didn’t go so well for the Dead Man.

Should he? Could he? Won’t he? Will he? So many questions!!!! I’ll answer those four with — Yes, yes, what? and looks like it.

Last night on Smackdown, a Bray Wyatt vignette aired with an ominous message contained within and that message was he fears slow WiFi in his murder cabin in the woods  nothing. He fears nothing “living or dead” and do you see where this is going? Dead. He specifically mentioned “dead” so he’s totally fearful of the download speeds at his place. Also maybe he’s talking about The Undertaker and Wrestlemania.

Wyatt also mentioned in the video that “after what he does next, it will be hard for the WWE Universe to ever smile again” which means he’s brainwashing Corporate Kane back into Dr. Isaac Yankem for his pending Undertaker feud.

The storyline makes sense and it’s an easy way to bring The Undertaker back into the mix. Only problem — a Wrestlemania match means an Undertaker victory and another big build of Bray Wyatt that leads to a dead (PUN) end. The Undertaker only has so many matches left in the tank. Another loss will make for a Wrestlemania losing streak and that’s not the way WWE and Vince will want to send out one of the most influential superstars of all time.

Here’s Bray’s ramblings. Draw your own conclusions.


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