AAF Players Left Stranded And Forced To Pay For Their Flights Back Home After League Announced That It Was Ceasing Operations

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This afternoon it was revealed that the AAF was planning to cease operations after investor Tom Dundon chose to fold the league after the NFL/NFLPA refused to loan

It seems that not only are players left without a job many of them have not been paid and are being forced to pay for their flights back home out of their own pocket.

The AAF also owes $1 Million dollars in unpaid broadcast/game day operations.

It’s only been a few hours since the league has shuttered and we’re already starting to hear some of the horror stories that players and those involved had to endure during their time in the AAF.

AAF co-founder Bill Polian Bill Polian went to release a statement expressing his dissappointment Tom Dundon’s decision to shutter the league and appeared resilient in finding investors to continue funding the league.

The AAF turned out to be a clown show and it’s sad that people are going to be left without jobs and are not going to be paid money owed to them as a result.

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