Ex-NHL Players Discuss The Unwritten Rules Of Hockey And When Players Should Be Allowed To Bend The Rules

Every sport has their unwritten rules. I’d write them down, but you know, then they’d be written and like the ground beneath Wrigley Field opens up and releases the ghost of Henry Rowengartner and we all die…of something…look I don’t know why unwritten rules can’t just be written somewhere for us common folk but they just can’t!

Hockey has their own unwritten rules and code of conduct. Luckily, we found a couple former players to explain a bunch of the unwritten rules of hockey. The team of experts consists of former defensemen Jason Strudwick, 17-year vet and Stanley Cup winner Sean O’Donnell, former player and current Phoenix Coyotes analyst Tyson Nash and former goalie Jamie “Noodles” McLennan.

The guys cover all the unwritten rules of hockey including passing, scoring and the ever popular playoff beard. After learning all the unwritten rules, grab a copy of NHL ’16, in stores now and break them all one by one.

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