Upside Down Chicago Bulls Logo Looks Like a Robot Reading a Bible

by 4 years ago


The Chicago Bulls’ logo has been around for many, many years. Perhaps you’ve taken a good, hard look at what it looks like when turned upside down. If that’s the case, good for you. Until today, this is something I hadn’t done.

But thanks to an important tweet from Tom Read, I will never look at the Chicago Bulls the same way. I mean, if that doesn’t look like a robot reading a bible — or other large book for the secular inclined — I’ll be damned.

This coincidence is more than enough to immediately solidify the Bulls as my favorite NBA team. I don’t know why a robot reading a bible is so damn compelling, but it is.

I spent most of the afternoon looking at all the other logos from around the league while standing on my head, but none of them are as striking. Also, I have a headache and am a little dizzy.

[H/T: @TraRead]

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