USA Men’s Hoops Chose Gregg Popovich As Their Next Head Coach And, Hell Yeah, We’re Gonna Keep Dominating



A couple days ago, everyone was a little bit shocked to hear that legendary Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski was stepping down as Team USA’s head coach following the 2016 Summer Olympics, leaving an open slot for the most talented team in the world.

Coach K’s record in his nine years leading Team USA? A fucking insane 75-1 with two gold medals—with a chance for a third next summer—meaning that his successor would need to be someone who could keep that type of dominance going.

Enter Gregg Popovich.

The longtime San Antonio Spurs head coach, Pop has won five NBA rings in his 17 seasons at the helm of the Spurs, building one of the best and most impressive dynasties in league history, winning his first title in 1999 and his most recent in 2014.

According to a release from USA Basketball, they seem pretty stoked about the man they just got to commit to guiding the team from 2017-20, per USA Basketball:

There is no doubt in my mind that we have the great fortune of bringing on board one of the NBA’s best and most successful coaches ever to lead the USA National Team for the 2017-20 quadrennium. By making this decision now, it will allow us to have a clean, efficient and immediate transition following the 2016 Olympic Games.

Bros, all this means now is that USA will just continue treating the rest of the basketball world like rag dolls, probably leading to more gold than Flavor Flav has in his teeth.

Plus, it’ll be great to see Pop deal with more international reporters on the reg, probably trolling them as often as he does the ones he sees nightly during NBA season. Fuck, I can’t wait for that.

[H/T Bleacher Report]