USC Embarrassingly Couldn’t Fill Stadium During Debut of Lincoln Riley And Caleb Williams

USC spent a lot of money hiring Lincoln Riley and in turn were able to bring over Caleb Williams from Oklahoma but it seems like USC fanbase isn’t fully bought in just yet.

During the team’s debut under Riley, there were plenty of empty seats in the stands at the LA Memorial Coliseum in their home opener vs Rice.

Sooner fans made sure to point out that every game in Oklahoma is sold out no matter the opponent.

The broadcast ended up showing nearly a quarter of the stadium was completely empty.

Some USC fans tried to excuse the lack of fans in the stadium by saying people aren’t going out because of how hot it is in LA right now.

“Dudes trying to run their mouth about the lower attendance, haven’t checked the temps today in Los Angeles. And you feel every bit of that 95-degree heat in those coliseum seats”

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