USF Football Decides Not To Broadcast Spring Game For Truly Absurd Reason That Doesn’t Make Sense

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The University of South Florida has not been even remotely relevant since 2018 and has been truly abysmal ever since. The Bulls lack support, interest and excitement.

And yet, the school has decided to make it impossible to watch the team’s 2022 spring game unless you are there in the stands. Their reasoning makes absolutely zero sense.

After going 11-2 under Willie Taggert in 2017, USF has been on a consistent downslide. The team won 10 games in 2017, seven games in 2018, four in 2019, one in 2020 and just two in 2021.

Although there is a belief that third-year head coach Jeff Scott is going to help breathe life into the program, he has not done so in his first two years. As a result, nobody really cares about USF football because the Bulls are not winning.

It certainly does not help that the school is not doing itself any favors.

USF football will play its spring game on April 9th at Raymond James Stadium. If you are not there in person, you will not be able to watch.

The school announced that the game will not be streamed or broadcasted.

The reason for choosing not to air the spring game is not because it cannot. In fact, USF Athletics recently added a new state-of-the-art production facility within the last two years.

It’s an incredible Broadcast & Video Production Center that would make it very easy for the Bulls to stream/broadcast their football team’s spring game.

But, again, that is not why the team is not doing so.

USF is not broadcasting or streaming its spring game because it does not want opponents to have access to “game tape.” No, seriously.

A two-win team from a year ago is worried about its opponents having film of what they are planning to do both offensively and defensively in 2022. Meanwhile, top Power Five programs around the country, who did not win only two games last year, are having their spring game broadcast on household cable networks.

In addition, to make their ridiculous concern even more absurd, the scrimmage is open to the public, stats will be taken and reporters will be there to report on the game. If an opposing coach was really concerned with getting film from a two-win team’s spring game, it could just walk into Raymond James Stadium and record the entire thing.

None of it makes any sense and alumni are equally as baffled as frustrated.

USF really bungled this one. It’s a pretty no-brainer decision to stream the spring game.