USGA Officials: Feel Free To Bring Your Dankest Weed To The U.S. Open, But Don’t You Dare Bring Water Bottles

The USGA officials putting on this weekend’s U.S. Open at Chambers Bay in Tacoma, Washington this weekend went out of their way to encourage people to bring their finest strains of legalized marijuana, but to leave those pesky water bottles at home. As you all know by know, weed is legalized for recreational use in the state of Washington where the U.S. Open is being held. So it should stand to reason that the possession of marijuana at the U.S. Open would also be completely legal, but since the tournament is a private event they can have their own rules, just like how it’s against the rules to bring an umbrella into a stadium.

Naturally, many attendees were curious if they could bring their legal marijuana into the hallowed golf tournament grounds, so the USGA officials went out of their way to publicly state that marijuana will be allowed on the course. The tournament volunteers tasked with security checks on the way in to the tournament have been instructedto allow entry to people even if they are carrying a stash of marijuana with them.

On the flip side of that are bottles of water. You know those pesky plastic water bottles that keep people hydrated full of that deadly-sounding dihydrogen monoxide? Well, the same volunteers who have been instructed to allow the legalized marijuana (which is still ILLEGAL TO SMOKE IN PUBLIC) into the event have been instructed to throw away any and every water bottle they find.

To reiterate, this is illegal to bring into the U.S. Open:

This is not:

I suppose the logic here is that people will try and sneak vodka into the event disguised as water, and the USGA officials want to make as much $$$$$ off of this tourney as possible. However, it still blows my mind that they’re going to allow weed into the U.S. Open when it cannot even be legally smoked in public, but they won’t allow people to bring in water, the universal solvent.

What a crazy time to be alive! Water is now less acceptable than weed!

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