USWNT Generated $3.25 Million In Revenue But Will Take Home Over $7 Million In Equal Pay Revenue Split With Men’s Team


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The USWNT financial numbers are in, and the women are due for a big payday despite an early exit from the Women’s World Cup.

Last year, the US Soccer Federation, the USWNT, and the USMNT came to an agreement that the women’s and the men’s team would split their revenues equally after US Soccer recouped their fees. The main reason for the historic deal was because everyone felt that FIFA’s pay structure was unfair to the women.


U.S. Soccer, the women’s national team and the men’s national team came together for a historic and first-of-its-kind deal: The two teams would pool their FIFA prize money together and then split it equally among both teams. Although FIFA prize money is still unequal, the teams have chosen to split it equally.

For this Women’s World Cup, FIFA is offering a total of $150 million, compared to $440 million for the Men’s World Cup last summer.

According to Sportico’s Emily Caron, the USWNT will take home over $7 million despite bringing in $3.25 million in revenue thanks to the newly formed revenue split.

“some USWNT math: the U.S. will take home $3.25 million for its round of 16 exit. that’ll be added to the $13m the men’s team earned in Qatar. 10% of the $16.25m total will go to U.S. soccer + the remaining $14.625m will be shared equally between both squads (~$298k per player),”

After fans reacted to her analysis, Caron pointed out that the men’s team agreed to the equal pay deal and would have benefitted from it in year’s past when they didn’t qualify for the World Cup.

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