Utah High School Football Team Suffers Life-Ruining Loss With No Time Left On Clock

by 4 years ago

Oh my dear sweet Lord in heaven. These poor kids. How will they ever recover from this heartache?

Spanish Fork was leading Maple Mountain (real school names somehow) by three points with three seconds reamining in a Utah state playoff game. All quarterback Jason Money had to do was take a shotgun snap and waste three seconds running around. And he did.

Except then he quit playing and dropped the ball for some reason, allowing Maple Mountain’s Brandon Beebe to scoop it up and return it for a 25-yard touchdown.

Hoooooooooooooooly hell. That’s a bad beat.

I feel terrible for Money and his teammates. So bad I should have probably avoided using his real name. Oops.

Anyway, good luck to the Spanish Fork folk with the rest of their lives. Going to be a losing battle no doubt.

[H/T: The Big Lead]

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