UVA Bro Drains Half-Court Shot In Front Of The Entire School To Win Tons Of Money

If you seriously wanted to script the most fairy-tale but fucking awesome college story to tell everyone from here until the day you die, this is it. Nailing a half court shot in front of practically the entire UVA student body in a sold out John Paul Jones Arena to win a shit ton of money. It’s impossible for this dude’s day to get any better. And no way he doesn’t consummate his winnings tonight, if you know what I mean. Doesn’t matter what you look like at this point, you’re always gonna be the kid that won $18,000.

And don’t even tell me $18K isn’t a lot of money, because if someone straight-up handed you $18,000 in cash, you’d consider it a lot of money.

Also, it’s worth noting the dude’s name is Andrew Board and by now you realize that shot went right off the backBOARD, so HOW’S THAT FATE FOR YA, HUH!?

Clutch city, bro.

[h/t Fox Sports]