UVA Fans Burned Couches And Partied Hard To Celebrate Their National Championship Victory

uva fans national championship celebration

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The University of Virginia came into this year’s NCAA tournament with something to prove after becoming the first ever number one-ranked team to lose to a 16-seed after falling to UMBC in the first round of last year’s competition.

The Cavaliers snagged one of the top spots yet again this season and it looked like there was a chance history was going to repeat itself when they found themselves trailing the lowly Gardner-Webb by 14-points early on in the first round of March Madness.

Thankfully, they managed to avoid suffering the same fate yet again, and after a couple of close calls, they finally secured the first national championship in school history after pulling away from Texas Tech in overtime and gave the fans back in Charlottesville an excuse to party.

They took full advantage.

After the game, UVA students took to the streets to celebrate, and based on what I’ve seen, it looks like they had a pretty swell time.

Prior to the game, Texas Tech announced they were canceling classes on Monday and Tuesday in preparation of a victory that never came but UVA made it clear before the game that the academic schedule wouldn’t be affected by the tournament.

However, I have a feeling attendance might be sparse today.

I think that’s allowed.