There’s A Full Contact Sport Where Athletes Wear Armor And Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other With Deadly Weapons



This morning I learned about ‘UWM Unleashed’, a full-contact combat sport where athletes are outfitted with complete body armor and proceed to bash each other with deadly weapons. UWM stands for ‘Unified Weapons Master’, and ‘UWM Unleashed: Final Cut’ pits the world’s top weapons experts against each other in a combat sport where the athletes wear some of the most high-tech armor imaginable that sends information to computers, relaying what would be mortal wounds, flesh wounds, etc. But just because they’re wearing armor doesn’t mean that ‘UWM Unleashed: Final Cut’ isn’t legit, because this is all happening while the athletes are actually fighting each other with weapons, trading blows, and grappling in hand-to-hand combat.

If we’re being honest here then I feel the need to share that I’d much rather throw money at a ‘Unified Weapons Master Unleashed’ event than an MMA fight that only lasts 20 seconds. Check out this video showcasing what ‘UWM Unleashed: Final Cut’ is all about:

Now tell me that’s not one of the most badass AND innovative sports you’ve seen in your lifetime?!?! It’s a throwback to the knights of old, but it incorporates modern technology and turns it into how I’d imagine a one-on-one fight in Halo. My only question is this: where do I sign up?

If you’re interested in owning your own UWM Unleashed equipment (suit + weapons) there is an IndieGoGo page that they’ve launched that’ll supposedly hook you up with everything, if you choose to become a backer. Here’s what’s being offered up on the IndieGoGo page:



For more on Unified Weapons Master Unleashed: Final Cut CLICK HERE to check them out on Facebook! And a bit shout out to TwoPlusSave on ‘The Ocho’ for sharing this!