Former WWE Star Basically Says He’d Be Dead Without Medical Marijuana

by 3 years ago
Val Venis

It’s no secret that the life of a professional wrestler is usually short. Those with enough money to make it after life in the squared circle survive but for the guys with broken bones and empty wallets, it’s not long before they’re answering the bell for the the big wrestling ring in the sky. The culprits are usually pain killers mixed with unprescribed drugs and booze. Add in tickers with way too many miles and minds that just don’t function anymore and it’s amazing a professional wrestler makes it past the age of 50.

Former WWE star Val Venis might have been one of the statistics if he didn’t realize early on in his retirement from wrestling that painkillers are the fast track to a pine box. Venis found another remedy to deal with the chronic pain of pins in his shoulders and it’s ironic that the remedy was also “chronic.”

Venis explained to Inquisitr:

“It’s actually saved my life. I had six pins put in my shoulder, can’t get my elbows straight anymore, they’re always hurting. Doctors had me on anti-inflammatory’s and pain pills for years and you can’t take those things for the rest of your life without suffering serious consequences. And when I found out about marijuana and started utilizing that instead, in 2008, I came off all pharmaceuticals and never looked back,” said Venis. “I could smoke marijuana and eat marijuana for the rest of my life and never suffer any liver disease or kidney failure due to pills. The pills will get you every single time, with marijuana, you could be 110-years-old and still smoke it.”

Let’s hope Val, and all of us, live to smoke until 110.

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