St. Louis Blues Brutally Beat Canucks In OT With A 3-On-0 Goal After Vancouver’s Skaters All Wiped Each Other Out

Vancouver Canucks

Getty Image / Jeff Vinnick/NHLI

On the surface, this might seem like a pretty run-of-the-mill NHL highlight but I had to share it with you bros this morning because I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a 3-on-0 in the NHL before. Also, the events that led up to this game-winning overtime goal from the reigning champion St. Louis Blues was wild.

As I’m sure everyone knows, overtime in the NHL these days is a 3-on-3 ‘Sudden Death’ format. Each team gets three skaters and a goalie. It’s easily the most exciting overtime format in professional sports.

The idea is to have three of your best skaters on the ice. Ideally, you want two of your best goal scorers and a defenseman who is capable of scoring goals but all of them should be very quick on their feet. With so much open space on the ice, what you don’t want is to roll out some slow or clunky skaters who might slip up and cause the other team to get a breakaway and have an easy shot on goal.

The absolute WORST case scenario is you have a group of bumbleshits fall on their asses while the other team gets an uncontested 3-on-0 shot on goal. That’s a guaranteed loss. And that’s exactly what happened in overtime last night in the Blues-Canucks game in Vancouver.

Vancouver defensemen Tyler Myers takes a spill and wipes out his teammate who then blocks their third skater so the three skaters for St. Louis get an open look on goal. While it’s not the sexiest goal you’ll see this NHL season it’s certainly one of the most unique goals you’ll come across this year.

Vancouver doesn’t appear to be as shitty as they were last season but it’s still too early to tell who they really are as a team. They’ve currently racked up 21 points in the Pacific and are one point behind Edmonton in their division.

Center Elias Petterson is having a hot start to the season with 20 points, as is winger Brock Boeser with 16 points. But after seeing the Canucks last season I can’t help but think they’re bound to cool off A LOT in the very near future.