Vanderbilt Football’s New ‘Batman’ And ‘Star Wars’ Themed Uniforms And Cleats Are Badass AF

We’ve seen some really sweet special-edition cleats and uniforms in sports before, but this new gear Vanderbilt football will be rocking is truly top-notch.

In effort to get his team hyped after two disappointing seasons Coach Derek Mason revealed the team will be donning new gear for their season opener against South Carolina on September 1st.

Both sets are themed after two of our favorite movie franchises: Batman and Star Wars.

First up, the “Dark Knight” uniform and cleats…

Shoe game poppin’ indeed.

And for the days they go with the light color they’ve now got the “Storm Trooper” uni.

“Look good, play good,” Mason says.

Well, they’ll definitely have the “look good” part down. As for the “play good?” That’s yet to be determined.

H/T Campus Rush