Victor Wembanyama Addresses Size Concerns And NBA Fans Love His Answer

Top NBA prospect Victor Wembanyama

Getty Image / Aurelien Meunier

The NBA Draft is set to begin at 8 P.M. Eastern on Thursday night where it is expected Victor Wembanyama goes No. 1 overall to the San Antonio Spurs.

He has all of the tools and potential to become a superstar in the league, as he plays like a guard despite being over seven feet tall.

Despite that, there are some concerns about Wembanyama’s body size, as he’s incredibly skinny for his height. Many believe he could be bodied in the paint by other centers across the league.

However, Victory Wembanyama doesn’t seem concerned about it at all. In fact, he delivered a response worthy enough to be put on T-shirts.

Here’s what the top prospect had to say during a sit down interview on ABC News.

Is that not just the perfect response? I don’t care what your concerns are about this kid, he just earned a ton of respect with that answer.

NBA fans seem to agree, as most of them reacted to Victor Wembanyama’s comments positively.

Some fans think someone should tell Zion Williamson to “Skinny Up.”

Did Greg Popovich put him up to this?

Kevin Durant had a similar mindset coming out of college and he’s doing just fine.

Wembanyama should be fine on offense. His interior defense is a bit of a concern though. But his quote is still cool!

He might already have a catch phrase before entering the league.

Victor Wembanyama should do just fine in the NBA. Although I love his quote, his ability to defend other centers is a concern.

On the flip side, changing his physique could alter some other aspects of his game as well. If he bulks up, Wembanyama would have to re-tool his perimeter shooting, which could turn into a developmental process.

Regardless, Victor Wembanyama has all of the potential in the world and it will be exciting to see how his career pans out.