Video Surfaces Of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Grinding On Rapper T.I.’s Wife One Day After T.I. Made Fun Of Floyd Sr.


Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather and Atlanta rapper T.I. simply don’t like each other. Back in 2014, both Mayweather and T.I. got into a brawl at a Fatburger in Las Vegas after rumors circulated that T.I.’s wife, Tiny, was having an affair with the boxer.

On Sunday, T.I. posted a video he filmed of comedian Kevin Hart making fun of Floyd Mayweather Sr.’s face on Instagram.

Mayweather wasn’t happy with T.I.’s shot at his father and posted this picture of $100 million dollar check with the caption “Gotta love these backseat drivers so worried about another man’s legacy instead of trying to write their own”.

Hours later, a video of Mayweather seductively dancing with T.I’s wife from Mariah Carey’s Halloween party mysteriously surfaced on the Internet.