Video Of A Bro’s Beer Turning To Slush During Vikings-Seahawks Game Is Why Freezing Weather Blows



All week long, people were talking about how cold it was going to be during the Wild Card Game between the Vikings and Seahawks, with temps hovering around zero or even dropping into the negatives.

Seeing as how the game actually lived up to that bullshit, it sure sounds miserable to me, as the temp during the entire game sat about -2. Yeah, fuck that!

One Vikings fan showed just how freezing it was, when he turned his brew up and, midstream, that shit froze and turned into a slushie.

This leads me to a few reactions:

  1. I’m hitting up 7-Eleven for a Mountain Dew slushie later on.
  2. I never want to visit Minneapolis in January.
  3. I wonder what a beer slushie tastes like?

Beer is usually pretty expensive at a sporting event, so what a waste of about $10—although, with the way the Vikes lost, this guy probably spent a hell of a lot more on alchy to drown his sorrows away.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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