Vince Carter’s Dark Story About Famous Olympic Dunk Had ESPN Floored

Vince Carter

Getty Image / Michael Reaves

Nearly everybody is familiar with Vince Carter’s famous dunk at the 2000 Olympics.

However, apparently there’s a dark story behind it. During a segment on First Take, Carter shared details about the aftermath of the dunk.

In case anybody needs a reminder, here’s a quick clip of the dunk that catapulted Carter into superstardom.

ESPN brought in Jack Harlow and Sinqua Walls into the studio to promote their new movie White Men Can’t Jump. At the end of the segment, they asked Vince Carter which dunk was his favorite throughout his career.

He couldn’t pin-point one, but did mention several that generated the most buzz.

One of which was that Olympic dunk that Vince Carter is very well-known for. But things took a turn when Carter shared details about Frédéric Weis, the player he dunked on in that game.

Apparently, Weis struggled with depression and attempted suicide after the 2000 Olympics. Additionally, Vince Carter shares that Weis was even “blackballed out of France.”

Luckily, it sounds like Frédéric Weis is in a better place now that it’s 2023. But that is insane that he had to deal with all that.

Especially considering America almost always has the best basketball team by far in the Olympics.

Who knew that one of the best dunks of all time led to a rather dark situation for Weis?

We’re just glad he’s doing alright now. As apparently the aftermath of Vince Carter’s Olympic dunk could have led to a very serious situation.