41-Year-Old Vince Carter Throwing Down A Windmill Dunk Makes Us Want Him In This Year’s Dunk Contest

Vince Carter Windmill Dunk

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Vince Carter has been in the league so long (21 seasons!!!) that it took me several minutes to even remember what team he started on (the Raptors). My NBA fandom has gone from rabid to casual in the last 21 years, so outside of the Raptors and Nets, I could not even tell you where he has played the rest of his career.

/takes a look at Carter’s career timeline

1998–2004 Toronto Raptors
2004–2009 New Jersey Nets
2009–2010 Orlando Magic
2010–2011 Phoenix Suns
2011–2014 Dallas Mavericks
2014–2017 Memphis Grizzlies
2017–2018 Sacramento Kings
2018–present Atlanta Hawks

Shit. Now I need to look at his career stats.

Career average of almost 18ppg. That’s not bad. Considering that Carter hasn’t been super productive since his last season in Orlando, it’s actually pretty damn good.


At 41-years old, Carter may not light up the box score like he once did, but last night he proved that he can still throw down a vicious windmill dunk when he needs to.

If the NBA wants to electrify fans with the Dunk Contest this year — or simply just have the fans care again — they need to hand Vince Carter a check for $1mil and have him participate.

It looks like the fans agree, too…

Can we officially start the petition to Make The Dunk Contest Great Again?