Vince McMahon Did Something On Raw That Would Have Gotten Anyone Else Fired Because It’s Good To Be The Boss



Vince McMahon was the special guest referee on Raw last night for a match between Roman Reigns and Sheamus that very few people in the world gave one shit about. What’s important and crucial to highlight from that match, however, is Vincent Kennedy McMahon flipping the bird to a group of unruly fans while expertly shielding the wrong camera.

I’m guessing someone screamed out an inappropriate comment regarding his daughter Stephanie and the Macho Man. Or maybe some brave soul boldly pointed out that Vince’s tan is SEVERELY lacking these days. Either one is certainly worthy of dialing up the bird.

Since we’re here, please enjoy this exceptional GIF of Mr. McMahon that will still be wildly popular 136 years from now.

Vince McMahon Haters Gonnna Hate GIF

[H/T Uproxx]

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