Ex-WWE Star Virgil Explains Why Racism In Wrestling Is Still ‘Totally Fine’

Racism and wrestling go hand-in-hand. For as long as men have worn tights, rolled around with one another for money, and portrayed larger than life characters, there has been rampant racism. Try and find a popular wrestling character who ISN’T slightly racist, stereotypical or flat-out offensive.

Here’s the worst part though — there will never NOT be racism in wrestling. Why? Because there’s racism in society and wrestling is just a reflection of what’s going on in the world (albeit ten years too late, but still) and as long as there are college deans stepping down because they couldn’t didn’t want to address racial problems on campus and white women pretending to be black to get a job, there will be racist and stereotypical wrestling personas.

The Nightly Show tackled the topic last night and enlisted the help of two former WWE stars to explain why racism is still so prevalent in such a mainstream sport. Nightly Show correspondent Ricky Velez spoke to hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer and former slave to a rich white guy Virgil about wrestling racism. In the satirical spot, Velez asked Virgil how he could play such a racism character in the mid-1990s. His answer was simple — money.

Yup. Virgil will do anything for money. And if not Virgil, another wrestler, someone just looking to make a name or put food on the table for their family. No matter how offensive.


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