Here’s A Breakdown Of The Wild Catfishing Allegations Made Against Lakers Podcast Host Vivian Flores AKA Butterfly_424

On Monday night, NBA Twitter was engulfed in a bizarre mystery featuring a Lakers podcast host that went missing which led to some wild catfishing allegations. The story is complex and has several twists and turns but I’ll try my best to give a quick breakdown of the entire situation.

Vivian is missing.

On Sunday, Lakers fan Josh Toussaint announced that his podcast host Vivian Flores, who is currently battling leukemia, was missing in the LA area and urged people to help locate her by sharing his Twitter post.

Considering Vivian has been a part of the Lakers community for years and boasts nearly 16k followers several celebrities including Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr. shared Toussaint’s message.

Josh claims Lakers security contacted him and offered to help find Vivian.

Vivian has been found and ItsKingsBruh revelation.

On Monday night, Josh announced that Vivian was safe and had been found.

During a Twitter Spaces session that included NBA superstar Kevin Durant, Twitter user ItsKingsBruh revealed that he had an online romantic relationship with Vivian but had recently broken things off with her after he suspected that she was a catfish and that’s when she went “missing”.

The alleged photoshops.

Twitter users then began combing through Vivian’s Twitter page and found some strange photos that appeared to be badly photoshopped.

Vivian’s denial.

After people began discovering the photoshops they started accusing Josh of being behind the Vivian account. Vivian would eventually resurface on Twitter to deny the catfishing allegations made against her but still refused to get on a live video stream to prove that she really was the person she was claiming to be.

Josh’s denial

After staying quiet for several hours Josh spoke out and admitted that he believed Vivian had deceived him when she refused to respond to his messages on Monday night.

Josh hopped on a video with his friend Waleed to claim he has proof that Vivian isn’t a real person and that she had duped him.

Josh went on to share DMs with the Vivian account on the day she went missing when he believed he was talking to her concerned family members.

Josh also explained why he never did video calls with Vivian during their podcast sessions.

More catfishing accusations against Vivian

The most bizarre allegations against Vivian come from NYC DJ Chumzilla.

According to Chumzilla, Vivian tried to catfish him 11 years ago using a different name.

Update:Vivian apparently used to go by the name of “Kelly” and was a member of Raiders Twitter back in 2018.

Other theories.

Some people still believe Josh is behind the Vivian account because the two accounts used the same punctuation/emojis in their most recent Twitter posts.

NFL Network’s Patrick Claybon believes Josh may have made up Vivian just to have someone to podcast with.

Update #2 An audio engineer broke down the audio of Vivian’s podcast appearances and here are the results.

Update #3 People believe the face used by “Vivian” belongs to model Sharon Alexie.

Update #4 Vivian uploaded a video of herself holding up a sign with her name misspelled as “Vivien” before deactivating her Twitter account again.

Update #5 The Waleed theory.

Twitter detectives think Josh’s friend Waleed could be behind the Vivian account after he misspelled Vivian’s name as “Vivien” in a DM.

So far that’s where we are with the Vivian catfish situation. I’ll try to make sure to continue following the story and update it with new information.